Tips & Techniques for the perfect cake!


Strawberry Genoise Cake

Strawberry Genoise Cake

Making a good cake requires some basic techniques. Here are a few simple tips you can use to bake the perfect cake shared by Gitu –

  1. Always use the freshest ingredients possible in order to get optimum results- fresher the better!
  2. Invest in a good home scale. Weight measurements are always more accurate than volume ones.
  3. Ensure that all ingredients are at room temperature; this results in a better product overall.
  4. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients before you start. Read the recipe thoroughly.
  5. Follow the instructions in the recipe- there’s a reason why they are there.
  6. Get your pans ready BEFORE preparing the batter. Generously grease the insides, using a pastry brush and spread shortening evenly. Make sure that the inside of the pan is well-covered on all surfaces.
  7. Egg whites whip best at room temperature, but separate egg whites from yolks when the egg is cold.
  8. Nuts, raisins and fruits must be added to the batter last. This avoids color bleeding.
  9. Scrape sides and bottom of bowl frequently with a rubber spatula during the mixing stage
  10. Dust the pan with flour, tap out any excess. You can touch up any left over spots with more shortening and flour
  11. Make sure the ovens are pre- heated to the correct temperature for at least 10-15 minutes and make sure the rack is in the center. Ensure that the pans are in the centre of the rack and do not touch the sides of the oven or each other.
  12. Check for the cake’s doneness according to your recipe. A tooth pick/ skewer should come out clean.
  13. Your cake should be cooled/ unmolded as per the recipe’s instructions. Normally you would be asked to transfer the pan to a wired rack to cool.
  14. To remove the cake easily from pan, place a thick towel over the wire rack and then invert it. This preserves the crust and avoids any imprints on it.
  15. Once the cake has been cooled and unmolded, brush loose crumbs off it.
  16. Chilling the cake between the filling and the frosting will make it simpler to work with.
  17. Frost the cake with a thin layer of icing and then set it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. (This will seal in the crumbs, giving a clean, final appearance.) Finally apply the outer, heavy layer of frosting to the cake.

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