You can have your cake and eat it too!! –that’s our underlying motto.   

Life is a celebration and cakes are a part of it.


Letsmakecake is dedicated to hidden pastry-chefs,  amateur cooks (like me!), “mommies” and professional bakers who would like to share their ideas, thoughts, recipes (if I may add secret recipes),  photos of their cakes and all other possible ways to show the world how to have your cake and eat it too!

Enjoy the photos and tips on this site, find inspiration in creating your own cakes, and help us all make them even better by sharing your creations with us.

This blog is dedicated to all you cake lovers out there!

Meet our contributors  -Divya & Gitu

Divya – a Business Strategy Consultant by profession… a baker by heart.  She has a deep knowledge and passion for baking and has been making cakes as a hobby for many years now. She is delighted to share her secrets with us.

 “I personally believe that a cake reflects the baker’s personality. I am a friendly and warm person by disposition and love nature. Hence you’ll find my cakes are made with natural and seasonal fruits and products (usually organic) and are usually decorated with flowers. They are more traditional in nature since that’s how I am as a person.”

Divya intends taking professional baking and pastry art classes with L’Academie de Cuisine, so as to start baking professionally down the line.

Gitu – a professional chef with an Associate degree in Baking and Pastry, from the Culinary Institute of America.  Her course encompassed all facets of baking and she gained in-depth knowledge of the same during her stint there. Gitu is excited to share her experience with us.

“Life, with all its complexities, had led me to believe that a career in accountancy was where my destiny lay. Though, I was slowly managing to carve a niche for myself in that profession, it was the lure of the kitchen that proved to be far more compelling.   My passion for seeking the perfect recipe for every occasion, right from a simple birthday cake for my boyfriend to a splendid feast for the extended family, had pointed me in one direction all along.  After much deliberation I finally made the transition from the corporate world to the kitchen. The Culinary Institute of America, NY embraced me with open arms, wherein I completed a two year degree in the Baking arts. I unleashed the baker in me and decided to go after what I wanted to do. So do the same! Break a leg! Experiment.” 

To reach us at anytime please email us at letsmakecakeblog@gmail.com

Good luck and bake away!



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